Tai Chu: Defense and health

Tai Chi is martial art from China; it is practiced for its defense and health qualities. Tai Chi is linked to the philosophy of the forces of yin and yang. Besides being the martial art tai chi is practiced for its reasons like competitive wrestling in the form of pushing hands, demonstration competition and achieving greater longevity. Today there are different training forms traditional and modern, but with the same elements. Some form of this martial art is known for relatively slow movements.

Today, this is the skill practiced all around the world. Today there are five traditional schools like Chen, Yang, Wu Hao, Wu and Sun which are linked with Tai Chi. All of them are traced to Chen Village. Tai Chi can help you to maintain strength, balance, and flexibility, and it is an activity you can practice for your whole life. Tai Chi can be so beneficial to your health, and you don’t have to be at the top of your form to start training.

Tai Chi weapons

Tai Chi weaponsWeapons are good why to practice some of the main principles of Tai Chi. If you are a beginner, you won’t be able to practice right away with it. First, you have to master some of the basic rules and open- hand fighting. When you are at intermediate level weapons are introduced. There are four main weapons in this martial art.

Tai Chi Straight Sword

This is a double-edged sword, which can weight around four to eight pounds. It is measured by holding the hilt of the sword upside down with the blade which is rising along with your body to your ear. The right length is when the blade is up to your earlobe. By using the straight sword, you practice flexibility, form, and balance.

Tai Chi Broad Sword

The broad sword is a little shorter than the straight sword and weighs around five to ten pounds. By using this weapon, you practice movement, and physical form, wrist strength, the flexibility of joints and upper body. Tai Chi broad sword is designed for chopping and power.

Tai Chi Spear

This weapon is around seven feet long and made of wood. It has a spear head trimmed with horse hair. The spear teaches you to practice extending energy outside the body. It is not an easy weapon to work with; you have to have strength and to be very careful. Tai Chi Spear was used for cutting, stabbing, blocking, and hitting. This is the most dynamic martial art weapon, because of its length, light weight, flexibility, and speed. It can help you to develop power and strength.

Tai Chi Long Pole

Tai Chi long pole has from eight to twelve feet. This weapon is made from wood. It can also add power to your technique and speed. Every one of this four weapons has its one purpose. If you are a beginner, don’t try to practice with them, because you can get hurt and injured. Weapons are going to improve your technique and test your abilities.